Villetaneuse Footbridge

Dessin passage

Villetaneuse, France, 2012.

Architect: Agency DVVD.

The new Villetaneuse Footbridge was officially opened Saturday, 23 June 2012. Eagerly awaited by local residents, creating that bridge 155 meters long, is linked to the transport hub of Villetaneuse University. Paradox of exchange pole vital for the development of the city, it increases the urban division between north and south of the city, due to the concentration of networks and traffic routes it generates. The gateway thus has a dual function: to allow access to the station and strengthen the link between neighborhoods. It participates in the exchange pole and fulfills its role of urban connection, improving the fluidity of traffic. Point of urban landmark, it also offers good readability spaces and main buildings of the city, including the mayor and the university. Public space crossing more than just a gateway, it is of course open to motorized traffic, and allows access to the station for people with reduced mobility.