Public space: Theatre “La Lira”

Dessin passage

Ripoll, Gerone, España, 2011.

Architecte: RCR Arquitectes, PUIGCORBÉ arquitectes

A footbridge leading to a large porch reconfigures the space released by the demolition of the old theatre. Together, they determine a course and a perspective on the mountains giving access to the old city beyond the river.

Many years after its demolition, the theatre “La Lira”, gave an empty terrain on the center of Ripoll left, city with strong pluviometry on the Pyrenees. Flanked blind walls, this empty block gave a little respite in the narrow street of Verdaguer, but introduced a breach into the continuity of the urban frontage overhanging the river. This notch was very visible by the many visitors who entered the city from the station of railroad or the road to visit the Romance monastery. It cross also the city of the river which, from the Middle Ages at the beginning of the 20th century, provided water for the metallurgical industry of Ripoll, city re-elected in all Europe for its “Catalan forge".