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São Paulo, Brazil
Honorable mention «Mobilidade Minuto» : Category « quality of mobility public spaces ».
Implementation : Cidade Ativa 

The stairs of São Paulo are often abandoned places, which are not included in the network of mobility public spaces by the pedestrians nor by the authorities. However, the topography of the city which is spread over several levels led to build many stairs, of different shapes and in different contexts. The project initially aimed to identify and map these unknown places which nevertheless could become essential parts of the pedestrian routines, shortcuts in their journeys but also spaces to meet, have fun, play sports etc. The multidisciplinary team  "Cidade Ativa" has created a collaborative platform to identify stairs, give legibility to these passages and foster the recognition and value of these public spaces from the part of the pedestrians and the authorities.
A revitalization pilot project through urban interventions and citizen participation was also launched on stairs in the Alves Guimaraes Pinheiros district, the objective being to replicate this experience in other areas and districts .

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The prize « Mobilidade Minuto » aims to identify innovative mobility services in terms of transport, quality of public space, technologies' uses, new forms of organization in the society and working places, new consumption patterns and all actions that transform the models and the quality of daily mobility in Brazilian cities.