Shanghai competition: 8 selected teams

The jury selected the teams who will take part to the workshop from March 13 to 19, 2015,  to develop their ideas on the Expo 2010 site. 

Mateusz Adamczyk (Poland)
Ameline Coulombier (France)
Julio de la Fuente (Spain, Australia, China)
Mathieu Delorme (France, China)
Gerwin de Vries (Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark)
Julie Gangneux Kébé (China, France)
Vincent Hertenberger (France, China)
Fabien Maubuit (Chili, Canada, France)

The experts evaluated 48 entries from allover the world according to these criteria: interdisciplinary of the teams; their professional experience; their first approach on the site and its challenges; the relevance of references  of passages they presented. Was also considered the diversity of design attitudes and views on the site that will be developed during the workshop.

These 8 teams will thus participate in the workshop that will take place in Shanghai from 13 to 19 March 2015. It will enable them to visit the site, meet the stakeholders, develop their ideas and present them at a public presentation in front of an international jury.

The jury: WU Jiang, Vice-president of the Tongji university; ZHENG Shilin, professor, Tongji University ; XU Yisong, deputy-director of the urban planning office in Shanghai ; YU Kongjian, architect and landscaper (CN); Kristian Koreman, architect and landscaper, ZUS (NL) ; Marcel Smets, architect, Scientific Director of the  programme IVM Passages ; Didier Rebois, architect, expert of the programme IVM Passages

More information on the competition "Making urbanity through passages in the reappropiated expo site"