Press review

Dessin passage

Press review of the PASSAGES exhibition in Paris in May 2016.

AMC Archi "This work and the numerous examples presented open up prospects for elected officials, technical services and urban developers. Often enough, a low cost micro-intervention can unlock a problem on a larger scale. A lesson to meditate in these times of crisis, when frugality is the rule of today's urbanism."

Demain la Ville "The exhibition has the merit of proving that it is possible to initiate large scale transformations in the cities thanks to small interventions."

L'Express "It is time for the 21st century to recover the spirit of the 19th-century passages and to take into account these essential links in our environment."

Libération "... the 'Passages' exhibition reveals the urban importance of the places and the devices allowing people to go from one place to another, but also the urgency to be concerned about it."

Policultures "Based on projects carried out in 40 cities around the world, the City on the move Institute points out in particular the urban fractures, so widely present in our cities, and some possible solutions to remove these barriers. Exemplary and militant."

Télérama "...magnificent exhibition, currently visible at the Passage du Désir, located inside the BETC agency building in Paris, to which we should drag our local elected representatives, willingly or forcibly. After the visit, the visitor feels smarter."

Télérama Sortir "A public interest exhibit."