Passage city club

Dessin passage

The practice of making good passages is not ready available today. No institute of learning offers courses that cover the subject of the small interventions that enables dwelling conditions for the surrounding district to improve substantially by altering its mobility features. Inside professional bodies (engineers, architects, planners, social and political workers,…) little knowledge is available to run these strategic operations adequately.

This is why IVM is convinced that mutual exchange of lived experiences is a very useful tool for enhancing the quality of such practice. With that idea in mind, IVM launches the idea of setting up an Alliance of Cities with Passages, assembling the elected bodies and municipal services of the cities with proven experience on the subject. In first place, this would involve the cities that take part in the Passages program, by working on a demonstrator project. But, the Alliance would also welcome other cities, either with proven experience or clear interest in the subject field.

For the moment, IVM is reflecting on the optimal format these exchanges could take: exchange of municipal technicians or designers in working groups or juries of member cities, international symposia allowing the sharing of particular experiences, information file documenting the different experiences,….