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  • Graz

    Exhibition in Graz

    On the occasion of the seminar "Links, stratagems and territory", organized January the 17th by the Institute of Urbanism, TU University.

  • Valparaiso

    Passages Cordillera

    Seminar organized by Federico Santa Maria Technical University and the Parque Cultural of Valparaiso

  • Clermont-Ferrand

    African passages : projection

    The short film  "Coup de balais sur le pont" by Nabaloum Boureima presented at the 39th International Festival of short-films in Clermont-Ferrand.

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  • Point of view

    What is the passages project?

    With the launch of the international and multi-partner Passages programme, aimed at professionals and the general public alike, City on the Move is seeking to emphasise the role of passages as essential links in our journeys around the city.

    Since may 2013, a network of international experts has been working together to develop research and scientific, cultural and artistic events and to launch competitions in architecture, design, shorts movies... Given that passages have always been present in our cities in different forms, why today in particular? How do we do full justice to these essential and yet often neglected connections?

    Brochure of the programme


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